We All Fear the Man Waiting!

The time has come for the finalizations of the rosters and the last minute cuts. Walking to the field in the morning now is the hardest thing for all us players. Early in the morning, while walking to the complex, you know it’s going to be a sad day because there is a Man Waiting for you. Sitting outside the complex he picks out the player who must come in and sign off their release papers. It’s the hardest day for all minor league players, as well as the staff, because no one wants to tell you that you have to go home. I can only imagine that there is no worse feeling than when you are selected by the Man Waiting on your way in to the complex. Players keep their heads down hoping that the Man Waiting will look right through us to give us one more day to live our dream.

Not being picked out by the Man Waiting gives you a sense of relief but that doesn’t last long, because soon you realize that your friends or those you’ve grown close to weren’t so fortunate. You watch them pack their things with a plane ticket already purchased for them. You try and say whatever you can to try to make them feel better when in reality there is nothing at all you can say to make a difference.

This is our dream. For most it’s been a dream since we were little kids running around our house trying to impersonate the pro baseball player we admired the most and desired to be. And it’s on the day of the Waiting Man that all of that is lost… Some can bounce back. But for most of us it’s lost… forever!

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Wow that sounds like a horrible job being the man waiting
I was wondering if you could send me an autograph of yourself. I woudl be delighted.
Thanks and good luck this season!
Ben Trageser
155 Wyatt Drive
Rochester, NY 14610

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