10 Guys To a Locker

Spring training is up and running. The clubhouse is packed and full of anxiousness. Guys are ready to show what they’ve been working on and getting better at during the off season. Minor League Spring Training is always hard to deal with because there are always so many players with limited spaces (playing positions, as well as room to sit down). The locker aisles are full with no room to move. Men sit on stools back to back early in the morning trying to get dressed before the sun is even up. Just trying to prove that they are there to work and make a team.

New guys to spring training are getting there even earlier, lifting weights and going out for extra hitting. Just trying to make a good impression and get a jump start. While the older vets are a little more knowledgeable on how things work and understand that it’s a long season, so they take their time getting into the swing of things. They show up a little later and relax a little before getting started.  After a week or two you start to see the new guys slow down with their morning routines, because the long and hard days of spring training start to make it difficult for them to maintain it.
Philadelphia Spring Training is definitely one of the hardest spring trainings in all of Minor League Baseball. The amount of drills and conditioning are unlike any other organization. And this has been proven by multiple players who have signed with us from others. The first 10 are strictly conditioning and a little fundamental, the next 10 are fundamental and games, and the last 10 are teams being set and playing games, getting ready to break for the season.
We’re two weeks down with two more to go here in spring training. Games have started and camp is still full. The inevitable is still at hand… some players must go in order to make room on rosters. That means cuts have to be made. So having a good nights sleep is hard for most of us. So all we can do is show up tomorrow with everything on the table. Putting everything we have out on that field. 
We’ll wait and see what happens!


Wow! That must be intense with all those guys fighting for a spot. Best of luck this year Q! We look forward to watching you in Reading… Go Phillies!!!

Welcome to MLBlogs, Quintin! We saw you play in a Clearwater Threshers game last June, and you were kind enough to sign balls for my two kids. Best of luck to you this year!
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